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Omikron Products
Near the murmuring
In the grain fields, of the waves
Of wind in the oat-stalks
The olive tree
With its silver-covered mass
Severe in its lines
In its twisted
Heart in the earth:
The graceful
Olives (* Ode To Olive Oil, Pablo Neruda)

for Organic.
for Olive.
for Oil.

just Omikron...
The Place
Between the Saronic and the Corinthian Gulf, and beneath the Ancient Castle of Corinth, the Olive trees of Omikron grow in peace and harmony.

Feeding on the dry and fertile soil of Corinth, 200m above sea level, Manaki olive trees produce every year a distinguished quality of gourmet organic extra virgin olive oil that has a wonderful aroma and taste.

Cared for with love and affection, Omikron Products come directly from nature to your home.
The Product
O: omikron
Gourmet ultra premium
Organic Olive Oil
variety: manaki

Superior category olive oil obtained directly
from olives which are pressed solely by mechanical means.
Manaki olives are a variety which gives a fruity, smooth
and sweet flavor olive oil.
Ripening very slowly and mostly in higher altitudes, Omikron's Manaki olive trees produce hardy olives which give olive oil the characteristics of a premium quality.
Characteristics and Certificates
Why Organic?

From the very beginning, Omikron olive trees were cultivated naturally without any chemicals or fertilizers. As our main desire was to deliver the best possible quality and not quantity, Omikron olive groves entered in organic cultivation in 2001, being among the first in the wide area. Since then and until now Omikron is Certified by DIO Organisation in accordance with Reg. (EC) 834/2007 producing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Why Manaki?

Omikron is a monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil produced by Manaki olives, which are the most fruity and aromatic olives. Manaki olive trees are found in higher altitudes where other olive varieties do not thrive, resulting exceptional quality, tasteful and hardy olives. We at Omikron choose not to mix other varieties of olive oil with Manaki olive oil. In this way we maintain the original characteristics of the pure taste and wonderful aroma of the Manaki olives which in turn give this its unique and delicious flavour.
Product Certificate for Organic Farming (Producer)
Product Certificate for Organic Farming (Processor)
DIO_logo BIO
Selling Points
Omikron can be found at:

Omikron HQ
147 Antigonis Str., 10443 Athens, Greece

Leivatho Boutique Hotel
Avithos Beach, 28100 Cephalonia, Greece

Roschlau & Partner, Int. Business Development
Stauffenstrasse 5, 74348 Lauffen, Germany

more to follow...
To order Omikron | Gourmet Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, please fill in the form on the right. Our team will contact you the soonest possible.
The Olive Groves:
Examilia, Corinth

The Office:
147, Antigonis Str.
10443 Athens

Tel: +30 210 5150273-274
Fax: +30 210 5149830
email: info[at]
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